PAINTBALL is an adrenalin sport, which is worth a try.

Particularly, if you choose one of our games, which we have prepared for you.

For marking the opponents and targets you will use markers. We support up to 15 players playing at the same time. And over 25 players devided in grupes.
Your safety will be ensured through the use of safety masks, suits and a sleaveless shirt for extra protection.

The polygon trenches are from 1.st world war and it’s located 3 km from Bovec in a forest with ditches, trees, shrubbery, and additional barricades. It measures approximately 200m x 100m.

In order to facilitate the coordination of terms, we ask of you that you sign up for a paintball meeting at least five days earlier.

* Information about free capacities for your requested date will be sent to your e-mail.


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